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Don't Diet!

Most diets will fail for most people.  Worse yet, you may end up heavier than you started.  If you deprive yourself of foods you want, you will frequently end up binge eating.

To succeed you need to change the way you eat forever, not just for a few months.  If you do not diet you cannot fail!

Eat whatever you want as long as you are constantly aware of your desire to control your weight.  Think about all your food and portion choices.  Think about all the opportunities to burn off a few extra calories.  Make it a game.  Every good choice is a small bonus towards your goal.

There are no pills to take, books to read, special foods to buy or money to spend on the latest gimmick. 

Set a practical goal. This is a life long commitment.  Do not lose more than 1 -2 pounds a month! One to two pounds a month is 25 - 50 pounds over two years!  Don't count calories. Don't measure.    Do not check your weight more than once a month.   

If you can save 50 calories five times a day (by having one less bite of food or taking the stairs instead of the elevator) you can lose 2 pounds a month without even trying! If you never have 30 minutes a day to spend on the treadmill, five minutes a day still adds up to a couple of pounds a year.  A news station years ago reported that it was not worthwhile using a napkin to dab the oil off of a slice of pizza since it was only 12 calories saved.  That is exactly the wrong advice! It takes no time, effort or sacrifice but if you eat only two slices a week that adds up to almost 20 pounds over fifty years!

There are no food restrictions.  Choose high fiber, low fat foods. Drink plenty of water.  Limit eating out. Gradually eat smaller portions. Exercise regularly (not necessarily long or heavy.) 

You don't want to lose too much too fast - you will only gain it right back!

Good Luck and Healthy Eating!

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